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      Wed 12 May evening

The mother bird here tries sitting on her brood....
      .... though she usually roosts outside the nest cup.  
      One of the parents arrives with food, but landing inside the nestbox isn't going to be easy.  
      Much flapping of wings at the prospect of a feed!  

      Wed 12 May morning

Still eight chicks waiting to fly.......
      Tue 11 May

It's just bad luck to be facing the wrong way when a feed comes in!
      Life is less stressful when keeping away from the scrum in the nest cup, as one chick has found.  

      Mon 10 May

Keeping those mouths filled has kept both parents at full stretch for much of today.

There are eight chicks visible whereas it is known that nine hatched.
      The chicks are big enough to climb out of the nest cup now. I don't think the mother bird will roost in the box tonight - there isn't much room for her!  

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