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Page 3d

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      Sun 16 May

A general view of the nest.
      Waiting patiently for someone to switch off the bedside light! Rather early, though, as feeds are still coming through.  
      This looks like choir practice & certainly sounds like it when stood next to the box (if a little dischordant), but what they're really after is food.......  
      Mother causes mayhem rooting about in the bottom of the nest cup.  

      Fri 14 May

Surveying the scene.
      In the best position when a feed comes in!  
      A feed arrives.  
      One of the young birds discovers CCTV!  

      Thu 13 May

A quick flying practice!
      More feeding pictures.....  
      Getting pushy here!  
      More orderly this time.  
      One chick surveys the scene....  
      .... and later on hopes that this elevated position will help when a feed arrives!  
      Another feeding scene.  

Page 3d

Earlier entries



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