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      Sun 9 May

More feeding pictures from day 9.
      The chicks' wings are developing well judging by the one at the top of the nest cup.  
      The mother bird still roosts in the nest, but no longer sits on the squirming mass of chicks; she gets a quieter night outside the nest cup!  

      Thu 6 May

More feeding pictures on day 6.
      The children keep clear whilst Mother roots around the base of the nest cup!  

      Wed 5 May

Another feeding picture, this time with more chicks in view.

Most now have feathers on their heads.
      The chicks hatched 4-6 days ago - so call today day 5!

Last year, the birds departed the nest on day 17.

      Tue 4 May evening

All nine chicks can be seen in this view.
      The chicks' eyes can sense light - switching on the light for the colour camera stirs them - however as they are not open yet, the chicks cannot tell which direction a feed is coming from!  

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