Bird Box Camera 2004 - page 2 - Egg Laying

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    Sun 18 April

The female bird receives a generous mid-morning feed.
      Now 10 eggs......  


    Fri 16 April afternoon

The male drops in occasionally with a feed.

His visit seen here lasted a mere three seconds!

    Sitting on the eggs most of the time today.  


    Fri 16 April morning

....and then there were eight.

    Our bird takes great care in covering up the eggs during the day.  


    Thu 15 April

It is very rare for our bird to leave the eggs totally uncovered for long periods.

Here she leaves the cup for a few seconds... with seven eggs now in place (one partly hidden).


    Sat 10 April

The second egg was laid this morning, but the eggs have been well covered up during the day & only came fully into view this evening.

    Here the female receives a late feeding visit.  


    Tue 27 April

Still sitting on those eggs......

Last year (see the archive), the bird laid the last of her 10 eggs on 18 April - the same day as this year.

The first chicks hatched on 29 April - that'll be this Thursday if the timing is the same!



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