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      Tue 4 May morning

The nest cup is becoming rather crowded!
      The chicks rise up to be fed.  

      Mon 3 May

While the male passes an insect to his mate, one of the chicks is ready to receive part of it.

      Sun 2 May

Usually the male does not feed the chicks himself, but passes the food to his mate.

Today was an exception with both of them attending to the eight hungry beaks.
      Here is a rare view of all eight chicks looking skywards at once!

Their size is rapidly increasing so there should soon be colour images of them from the side camera.

      Sat 1 May

The male brings in a generous feed which is passed to his mate & then on to the chicks.
      There appear to be eight chicks now. (In the end, nine hatched).  


    Fri 30 April

Now four chicks.


    Thu 29 April

Exactly on cue, the first chick appeared at about 17.15.
      The second followed at 19.30.  

Page 3a


Later entries



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