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A pussy visits the bird box...

7th and 12th May 2003

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    Video clip covering the cat's second visit.

The birds reach up hoping to be fed about five minutes before the cat's paw appears but they soon realise that this is not the visitor they were expecting!
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    Wed 7 May

Another busy night, but suddenly there is danger.....

    Here, the mother bird repeatedly flies forward to deter an expected intruder.  

    A cat's paw appears.

(Later inspection showed that the cat probably had it's hind legs on a length of wire running round the outside of the box to hold the side camera in place. Naturally, this has been removed!)

    The cat tugs at the nest material.

The bird looks terrified. Remember that to her, it's total darkness in there!

    An attack is launched on the intruder......  

    .... so the cat decides to give up, but it's claws are stuck in the nest material.  

    The mother bird returned to the nest cup from the corner of the box at 1.45am, but did not emerge from under the disturbed nest material until 2.35am.  

    Back to normal!  

The cat returned a few days later, approaching from a different direction........


    Mon 12 May

One of the parents last left the box at 06.04.

The chicks stretched up hoping to be fed five minutes before this image, but the visitor who eventually arrived through the hole wasn't who they expected!
  With no parent in the box to launch an attack, the cat seized one of the chicks by the head.

This time, the cat approached from the other side of the box, standing on the rain shield that covers the side camera. This has now been removed and having previously had to remove the wire, the camera is only held in place with blu-tack. So if puss stands on
that next time, it'll be the cat's turn to get a fright!


    The cat dropped the chick and some nest material as it withdrew its paw through the hole.

A parent looked in with a fly or similar in it's beak a few minutes later, but waited for a couple more minutes before entering.

    All bedded down for (hopefully) a quiet night!  


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