Bird Box Camera 2003 - page 1- Nest building

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A pussy visits!


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    21 Feb

A pair of Great Tits making one of the first bird box visits of this year.

The male only looks in - he knows his place.

    The female has just dropped down from the hole - using her wings to control the rate of descent!  

    22 Feb

In flight. Just as well the box isn't any narrower!

    23 Mar

Having made a start yesterday, nest building was under way again before 8am.

That hole in the side of the box looks untidy. Better plug it with something! Fortunately the moss plug fell out later on, restoring the view from the side camera.

    Good progress by lunchtime. They continued until 3.35pm with hardly a break.  

    24 Mar

Not much to do today, the male brings another load of nest material, but it's not needed so he takes it away again - having spent only 3 seconds inside the box.

    25 Mar

Both birds continued to bring in nest material during the morning, but it was mostly fine hair, etc for lining the egg-laying hollow.


    26 Mar

'She's behind you......' - when not engaged in antics like this, both birds continued to bring in small amounts of fine nest material.


    27 Mar

The male doesn't seem bothered about what he lands on when entering the box.

    28 Mar

'Now, I thought I'd plugged that hole up.....' (see 23 Mar, above).

    29 Mar

Still adding to the nest........

    30 Mar

Much shuffling and gyrating today, preparing the egg-laying hollow.

    31 Mar

Still bringing in nest material.......

    4 Apr

The female is now getting used to being fed inside the box by her mate.


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