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    Sat 17 May

The smallest chick, and last of the six to depart, surveys the world outside the box.


    Thu 15 May

A view in through the hole. The birds seemed disappointed that I was not offering food!



15th May

The chicks can be seen giving their wings a good testing.



12th May

More video footage from inside the box.



8th May

Feeding video from inside the bird box.



6th May

Taken from both inside and outside the bird box, starting with a night-time view.


    Fri 2 May

Collecting a mealworm from the feeder....

    .... and delivering it to one of the open beaks.  


    Thu 1 May

The chicks as seen through the hole.

    As has been done before, an 'under your beak' mealworm feeder was fixed in place in the morning and within a few minutes, the birds were using it.

I have previously tried leaving the worms on a nearby bird table, but it takes the birds a long time to realise that they are there!



Video of Mr. & Mrs. Bird feeding the children - perhaps.....

Certainly, the mother bird seems well contented with her brood.


    Wed 30 April

There appear to be only three eggs left now (out of 11).

    Feeding the chicks.

The chicks are still not visible from the side camera, but when they are, video will be included, as last year.


    Tue 29 April

The male brings in a feed on a very wet day!

        Mon 28 April  
        More chicks have now hatched.  



    Sun 27 April

The male bird arrives with a feed.
         Some chicks - probably four - have now hatched (below). The male takes his turn in feeding them.  




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