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    Sun 6 April

Regular feeding visits are now taking place when the female bird is in the box, seen here just before sunset.



    Tue 1 April

The female arrives at the box a few minutes before sunset.

    Her mate pays a visit a little later but doesn't hang around.  

    Settled down after much shaping of the nest cup.  


    Mon 31 March

The female is seen here just putting her head under her wing.

    Half a minute later, her mate drops in. She pretends to be fast asleep.  

    After much shuffling around, her mate gives her a prod.  
      Looks as though he is getting a telling off! He left the box moments later.  
      However, he returned once again after a few minutes and settled down without any fuss.

It may be the case that the female is expecting to be fed by her mate if it is still light outside.

      Sat 29 March

The male bird had intended to stay in the box overnight, but the female made it clear she didn't want him there, so he took off!


    Tue 25 March

The female dropped in at 6.11pm and was joined by her mate a little later on.




    Wed 19 March

Much further on with the nest material, and now the male bird is staying in the box as well.


    Mon 17 March

More nest building!




    Wed 5 March

Nest building has now begun.


    Tue 29 January

Our nightly occupant arrives at 4.47pm and quickly has head under wing!




    Sun 13 January

There is a bird roosting in the box every night.



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