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        Sun 15 May

The remaining birds are now dead. It would appear that the young birds were not being given the right food.

In past years, for example, chicks would often be fed caterpillars or parts of worms, but the fare appeared to be mainly flies this year.

    Sat 14 May

The two remaining chicks receive a feed.

The five dead birds were removed & the parent bird was back in within a few minutes - seems much happier with the nest cleared out.

    A feeding session earlier in the day.  
         Update 14 May, 0820:

There were seven live chicks in the nest until yesterday afternoon. Sadly, four have died since then & of the remaining three, only two appear healthy.


    Wed 11 May

Evening view in through the hole (click on picture for full size version, 104K); the chicks await the arrival of a parent bearing food.

    The sound of the camera being pressed up to the entrance is mistaken for the arrival of a feed! (Click on picture for full size version, 140K).  

    Much noise from the chicks, so much so that the attention of a grey pussy was attracted earlier in the day - perhaps the same one who visited in 2003 - plus testing of wings.  

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