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Nest building

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    Tue 5 April

Our female occupant is having a good preen when..... her mate drops in.

Not for the first time, she soon tucks her head under a wing, so her mate reaches over & pecks her.

This doesn't work, so he pecks a bit harder. 'Oh must you really?'... and straight back to sleep.

So he gives up & roosts in the box with her.


    Mon 28 March

Our occupant deepens the egg-laying hollow.

    Spotting her reflection in the camera lens!  

    As dusk approached, there was a similar situation to yesterday.

Here is the female bird busily preening, which she continues to do until her mate jumps into the box...

... when she immediately tucks her head under a wing & pretends to be fast asleep.

A peck to wake her causes her to protest (well I can imagine what she's trying to say....) & he immediately leaves the box.

Later on, he slinks back in very quietly & roosts in the box with her.


    Sun 27 March

Today, the male has been in & out several times and doesn't seem to care that it is just about dusk so gives his mate who's determined to have a snooze a gentle peck....

    'Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?!'  

    The birdie version of going off in a huff!  

    Let's try again....  

    .... no response so he (unusually) decided to kip in the box himself.  


    Fri 25 March

Settled down in the nest & waiting for dusk which will not be long in coming.


    Thu 24 March

The nest is complete, just waiting for some eggs!.


    Wed 16 March

Nest building well under way by both birds.


    Sat 12 March

This year's occupant for the birdbox arrived in late February. The bird added some nest material to the box & has been roosting in it every night.

Our bird first arrived at the box well before dusk today & went out onto the perch several times before settling down.


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