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      Thu 17 May

The four birds left the box between 8.45am and late afternoon.

Unfortunately, the computer was not running when they departed!


Video, wmv format, 1m11s, 5.9Mb

    Tue 15 May

More video from the Bird Box!

Slightly higher quality this time.

One of the birds is seen spreading it's wings, but I don't think they will leave the box just yet.


Video, wmv format, 1m49s, 4.77Mb

    Mon 14 May

Morning feeding session with a large mealworm on offer!

Only four chicks have survived.

Right click on link & save video file to computer.

      Sat 12 May

A mealworm is on offer once again.


    Fri 11 May

Early evening feeding session - looks (and sounds) like choir practice!

There are only six chicks now, two vanished earlier in the week. A cat was shooed out of the garden in the middle of the night, but we are not sure how a cat could have got a paw in & held on at the same time.....

    A view in through the hole. The young birds seem quite contented. Just so long as I leave them some mealworms!  

      Thu 10 May

One of many feeding sessions.

      Tue 8 May

The chicks' eyes are now open - we appear to now have 8 chicks - down 1.


    Sun 6 May

One of the chicks receives a whole mealworm from the feeder.

    A view of the chicks through the hole. One of them (top right) has been testing it's wings!

Whilst taking this picture and refilling the mealworm feeder.....
          of the parents (left) arrived on a nearby branch, chirping merrily.

I'm sure they now realise where the mealworms are coming from, ie, they haven't just fallen out of the sky!

      Sat 5 May

There appear to be nine chicks from the 11 eggs.

      Fri 4 May

Making sure a chick has a grasp of the food on offer!

The oldest chicks hatched last Saturday & are developing well.


    Thu 3 May

A view through the birdbox hole.

    One of the birds on the way out of the birdbox takes a mealworm from the 'under your beak' feeder! The worm will now be taken to a nearby tree where the bird will usually consume part of the worm, bringing back the remainder for the chicks.  

    The birdbox light has been switched off in advance of dusk, however the birds are still hard at work gathering food.  

      Wed 2 May

The oldest chicks are only four days old but are developing quickly.


    Tue 1 May

Feeding the chicks at a frenetic pace!

The birds missed the mealworms available on a nearby bird table, so a container was fixed to their perch. In the last picture, the mother bird reaches out of the hole to collect a worm & drops back inside with it.


    Mon 30 April

Feeding sessions - the chicks are almost visible from the side camera.


    Sun 29 April

Both parents have been hard at work feeding what appear to be about 8 chicks.

The mother bird seems very contented in the second picture.


    Sat 28 April

Three chicks hatched overnight.


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