Birdbox 2006

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      Thu 25 May

The first young bird found in the garden this morning.


    Wed 24 May

Two healthy, constantly chirping chicks receiving a feed!

Also now testing their wings.

      Sun 21 May

Both remaining chicks are very healthy & chirping constantly.

Looks hopeful that these two will make it out of the box!

      Thu 18 May

Still have two young birds this morning. Both being regularly fed with more appropriate food!

Wed 17 May

The parents were noted feeding inappropriate food to the larger birds (as last year) with the result that we are now left with just three of the smallest birds.

Alternative foods were left on a nearby bird table, but the parents took this for themselves & only seem to have got the hint when some was left in the box itself this morning.

This seems to have worked, much as I am reluctant to interfere.


    Sun 14 May

The offspring are growing ever larger & seem to be trying to tell their mother something when she departs from the nest without having fed them....

Video, 5Mb, WMV format,

Low res & frame rate version, 1.6Mb, WMV format



    Fri 12 May

A very warm, humid day & the chicks don't have much energy except when food is on offer.

Bird box video, 4.9Mb, WMV format

In the video, the bird on the left of the picture here appears to be nodding off and topples sideways into the nest cup!


    Thu 11 May

Climbing out of the nest cup! This picture is a frame from the video clip.

Video from inside the birdbox, 4.1Mb, WMV format



    Wed 10 May

The chicks' wings are developing well.


    Tue 9 May

Another feeding session.

The chicks are about 4 and a half days old.

Video from inside the birdbox, 5.4Mb, WMV format



    Mon 8 May

A rather large item of food on offer; one of the chicks did eventually manage to swallow it!


    Sun 7 May

Feeding at a frantic pace!

Rarely does the female bird sit on the nest, it being a warm day....

    .... and when she does, it is usually to clean out the nest.

Here she is, working with such zeal that the chicks get out of her way.

    Fortunately, it is not always the chick that reaches highest that gets fed first.  


    Saturday 6 May

One of many feeding sessions!


    Friday 5 May

Eight chicks have hatched & are being fed by both parents.


    Tuesday 2 May

Still sitting on those eggs.


    Friday 28 April

Our occupant receives another feed from her mate and, below, a view of the eggs.


    Wednesday 26 April

Now sitting on 10 eggs.


    Monday 24 April

Keeping the eggs very well covered at 9.15pm.


    Sunday 23 April

Receiving a feed whilst sitting on 9 eggs.


    Saturday 22 April

The female bird is now sitting on 8 eggs, and is seen in the top picture receiving one of the regular feeding visits from her mate.


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