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You may have been wondering why, after all the feeding activity, the nest is so clean. Have a look at the following sequence:

The female drops in with some food (left pic.) and gives it to the chick which then ducks its head (right) and........
 ........(well you can imagine what it's doing); then the parent bird takes the material in its beak (below) and flies away with it. Result: clean nest!
24 APRIL 00 - DAY 7    
Another sequence here, this time about feeding.  
The parent brings in a caterpillar (left pic.) and tries to let two chicks grab bits off it, but it turns into a bit of a struggle (right)........
........eventually one chick gets the whole lot, but finds it heavy going so the parent reaches into its beak and tries to pull the caterpillar back out (left). However, being rather stretchy stuff, most of it remains in infants mouth! Chick drops flat out on bottom of nest (right) and parent looks down as if to say 'well you would be a glutten....'.

25 APRIL 00 -DAY 8    
Unfortunately, a cat was spotted with its paw through the box hole early in the morning; by the time it had been sent off, it had taken three chicks. Hence the pussy-proof barrier hastily fitted to the top of the box.  
  27 APRIL 00 - DAY 10
Now five chicks in nest, notice how the position of the hollow has been moved and more bedding material added.

  1 MAY 00 - DAY 14
Now fully feathered.

  DAY 14
One chick can be seen spreading its wings.
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